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take and bake!

Back to school have you running?  Sports practices and kids activities keeping you in the car all evening?  Tired of the same old fast food and pizza?  We have your answer   Introtucing Take and Bake by Gourmet Express!  Premade meals, ready to heat and serve!   Check the details here: Take and Bake

Party tips from the PROS!!

Sick of trying to figure how much to buy for a party? Not knowing how many sides to serve? Running out of food, or leftovers popping the fridge door open at night?? Check out our party tips!

To Gluten or Not to Gluten

So, the latest craze in the health/diet world is the gluten-free diet.  But what is it, why are so many people on it and should we be on it too? Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley and rye.  However, it is added to a number of foods, from soy sauce to […]

Hey Football Fans…

To some of us, the best part about football is the game and the heated competition. To MOST of us, the best part is the food, the parties and the beer. But the best parties are the ones that require no work. So how do you throw the best tailgate or Super Bowl party without […]

Busy? Take and Bake!

How do you manage to balance work, family and activities and still have time to cook a healthy meal every night? Sometimes just the thought can be overwhelming. Gourmet Express has a simple solution — Take and Bake Meals.  Anything off our menu can become a Take and Bake Meal, and all you have to […]

Chill out as summer comes to an end

We’re at the tail end of summer with only a couple of weeks until the kids go back to school.  But we still have some hot and muggy weather ahead, so enjoy some refreshing dishes that are sure to cool you down.  This week we’re featuring Grilled Chicken Pitas with Tzatziki Sauce (on the side), […]

The Amazing Avocado

What’s so great about the avocado?  Besides being absolutely delicious, avocados provide a number of health benefits. Check out our infographic below to learn more. And don’t forget, Gourmet Express some great dishes with avocado in them, like our Cilantro Lime Chicken which is served with our tasty avocado salsa.