Chill out as summer comes to an end

We’re at the tail end of summer with only a couple of weeks until the kids go back to school.  But we still have some hot and muggy weather ahead, so enjoy some refreshing dishes that are sure to cool you down.  This week we’re featuring Grilled Chicken Pitas with Tzatziki Sauce (on the side), served with cucumber and tomato salad.  Tzatziki sauce, if you’ve never had it, is a condiment served chilled, made with cucumber, yogurt and dill.  And if you ever wondered why cucumbers are so refreshing on a hot day, it’s because they are 96% water, making them a tasty way to help you stay hydrated.

Don’t forget about some of our other dishes that are great for the summer too, like Roasted Shrimp & Orzo Salad or Caribbean Jerk Chicken served with fresh mango salsa. These are great choices for end-of-the-summer barbecues.

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