The Amazing Avocado

What’s so great about the avocado?  Besides being absolutely delicious, avocados provide a number of health benefits. Check out our infographic below to learn more. And don’t forget, Gourmet Express some great dishes with avocado in them, like our Cilantro Lime Chicken which is served with our tasty avocado salsa.


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  10. Tina Price says:

    During the last two years I have been doing my luncheon for over 100 Doctor’s with Gourmet Express. I was initially impressed with the great staff, there communication skills and professional outstanding food and excellent service!
    I recommend that you try everything, I have. There always on time, very professional, and it doesn’t hurt that the food is excellent as well.

    The Gourmet Express staff is hardworking, top-performing, wonderful customer service, professionals. I highly recommend you give them a try. Keep up the great jobs guy’s.

    Thanks Tina!